Guttenberg Lodge No. 737 began its history in January of 1873, when a group of Master Masons met for thepurpose of founding a German Lodge were the German Language could be used. In February of that same year, the Lodge was constituted and on June 20tha charter was drawn up by Grand Master Lodge SealChristopher G. Fox empowering the Lodge to do regular Masonic Work. The early meetings of Guttenberg Lodge were held in the WM Whitney building on the NW corner of State and Chapel Streets. In 1896 after the completion of the Albany Masonic Temple Guttenberg moved to this site where it has been ever since. One of the most important decisions in Guttenberg’s history was made in 1900. In the 1890s Guttenberg’s growth was slow due to the western migration of the German element coming into this country. Also, thesons of the members, desiring an English education to meet the business demands of the time, werereluctant to join a Lodge in which the work was done in the German language. So in order to save the Lodgefrom sure death, the officers and members petitioned the Grand Lodge to change the Lodge to an English speaking one. That request was granted on May 3rd, 1900. In its long history hundreds of men have passed through the Lodge’s doors on their way to becoming better men and Masons. ”It is the portion of Masons to ‘try to be a friend, not just make friends.” That is the Guttenberg motto. Some years ago a compliment was paid to Guttenberg Lodge which is as true today as it was then: “Guttenberg’s steadfastness IS Masonic history. It is a well known fact this Lodge is the first to support any progressive movement. Their record under the leadership of some of the finest men in Masonry cannot be excelled by any Lodge in the country. With no bickering or dissension, the lodge goes on holding fast to the landmarks of Freemasonry and doing its share to uphold the honor and glory of the institution.” Guttenberg’s past is illustrious and its future even brighter.

106 men have served as Master of Guttenberg Lodge. Click here to see a list of our Past Masters.